Oroborus Blog Interview

Quote: “From the very beginning I’ve always wanted Godless Angel lyrics to be fun and timeless, so I decided to approach each one as a short story. I love horror and science fiction and both of those genres fit perfectly within the death metal sound.

Inside The Coffin Interview

Quote: “GODLESS ANGEL is really special to me, it’s my dream band. I put everything I have into every single note of every song.”

No Clean Singing Interview

Quote: “I’m a full-on Slayer addict, that’s for sure. In addition to my beautiful Kerry King guitar I also have a Slayer strap, guitar picks, posters, buttons, wrist bands, wallet, bumper sticker, and about seventeen Slayer t-shirts. All the interventions in the world wouldn’t break my Slayer habit.”


Robex Lundgren Musik Blogg

Quote: I started playing music in 1984, when I was fourteen. My best friend at the time bought a guitar and decided to start a band. He had another friend who agreed to play drums and he asked me if I would play bass. I was just beginning what would become my lifelong love affair with metal and I jumped at the chance to be in a band.

Full Interview with Metal Talk Net

Quote: There’s a bit of a Kerry King influence going on I think? Who else inspires and motivates you?

“Slayer is my all-time favourite band and Kerry King is most definitely a big influence! I even own a Kerry King Signature Metal Master V and I used it extensively in the recording of ‘Harvester Of Shadows’. Bands like Exodus, Obituary, Cannibal Corpse and Six Feet Under have also been very influential.


Full Interview with Necromance Digital Magazine  (written in Spanish)

Quote: “Can you give us more details on the cover of this new job?

Because our letters have that touch of horror fiction, each topic can be considered as a shadow. I just consider myself as the “collector” that picks up all those shadows for the listener. The first thing I did was choose the job title before finishing each topic and so could already have an idea where to move. I spent two weeks painting and giving color to front of work and I like how it looks.”

Full Interview with ShadesofBlog (written in French)

Quote: ” What are your main influences?

My writing is heavily influenced by bands such as Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Exodus, Six Feet Under and Obituary . I like the Old School Thrash and groups of the Florida Death scene. I think I found a very good balance between rapid and chaotic Trash, and more oriented Death slow, groove.

Full Interview with In The Now Magazine

Quote: What one CD should everyone have in their collection?

Slayer’s “Reign in Blood”! What could I possibly say about this album that hasn’t already been said? It’s a thrash masterpiece!”

Full Interview with Forever Slain Zine

Quote: “What are the weapons that were used for the recording of “Harvester of Shadows”?

My main guitar is my Dean Dimebag Dime Camo ML, I used it for all my rhythm tracks and a good chunk of my leads. It has a killer tone with a lot of bite. I also have a Kerry King Signature Metal Master V that I also use for leads and some clean parts. For my bass tracks I use an Ibanez Soundgear. I use a Zoom G1N effects pedal.

Full Interview with Lords of Metal eZine

Quote: “The titles of the album tracks are almost all referring to the horror scene. Do you base on existing horror movies / stories or do you make everything yourself?

I would describe my lyrical style as “horror fiction”. I write all of the music by myself but for the lyrics I have a secret weapon, my wife Chrissy. We both love horror and science fiction and the approach we take towards lyric is that each song should be like a short story. I don’t ever want Godless Angel songs to be political or topical, I want them to be an escape, like a good horror movie. They should be dark, gory, ominous, twisted and fun!”

Full Interview with TheTrueBringerOfDeathZine

Quote: “What is the meaning and inspiration behind the name ‘Godless Angel’?

The name came from a brainstorming session between my wife and I. We were just writing down different words and putting them together. My wife loved the name Godless Angel because she thought it described my personality well. I’m quite fond of the name, it just feels right.”


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