They Lurk

MetalSucks “They Lurk is Godless Angel’s fifth album, and it’s absolutely his most developed one yet. Neibarger has brewed up a sonic stew of influences from classic death metal — a lot of classic DM — and beyond, with the groove of Morbid Angel, the brutality of Nile, the sophistication of Death and the evil vibes of Slayer all showing their ugly heads. It’ll make a damn fine soundtrack to your work day on this gloomy winter morning.”

No Clean Singing “A combination of hard-charging, head-battering drum rhythms; layers of scintillating, technically impressive guitar reverberations that soar, swoop, and sear, with a shine that generates a supernatural aura; and macabre vocal abominations. The entire album indeed has an overarching atmosphere of horror and supernatural possession, even though it is usually surging and savaging at the pace of death/thrash. It proves to be a weird and wondrous ride.”

Doomed to Darkness “In  my  opinion  this  is  another  great  sounding  recording  from  Godless  Angel  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  doom,  death,  groove,  progressive  and  thrash  metal,  you  should  check  out  this  ep.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  “The  Barn”  and  “The  Sacrifice”.  8  out  of  10.”

The Conjuring of Four

Skull Fracturing Metal Quote: “It stands out amongst a very crowded death metal field, and it is clearly an inspired work.”

Inside the Coffin Quote: “The combination of old school elements and progressive, sometimes even slightly technical elements was really a surprise to me and I think this EP is well worth checking out for any death metal fan that’s looking for something that’s just slightly different from what they might be used to”

Oroborus Blog Quote: “Derek can perfectly master the guitar and explore taking solos and riffs in the best quality managing introduce the listener into his world of chaos and destruction.”

Blood Metal Alliance Quote: “‘The Flames of Eternity’ will bring back memories to Hanneman duo – King in the golden age of Slayer, with superb, outstanding and with personality guitars.”

TheTrueBringerOfDeathZine Quote: ” In  my  opinion  this  is  another  great  sounding  recording  from  Godless  Angel  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  death,  thrash  and  groove  metal,  you  should  check  out this  ep.”

Godless Angel – Harvester Of Shadows Quote: “Especially in songs like ‘Samhain’ and ‘Suffering The Wrath Of The Goddess’ is the mix of harsh Thrash dynamics and uncompromising, deadly lead”

Metal Temple Quote: “The record is a psychotic masterpiece”

The Metal Maiden Quote: “A thoroughly enjoyable, high-octane journey through extreme thrash, death and doom in ways you are both likely familiar with but never quite heard in that way before”

Cross Fire Quote: “Good old US Death Metal spice with classic heavy metal deposits ”

Horns Up Quote: “Godless Angel is one of the names that can make 2015 even better musically”

No Clean Singing  Quote: “Derek’s vocals enhance the atmosphere of thoroughly destructive mayhem that the instrumental work generates — they’re the kind of ugly, ravenous, bile-spewing excretions that would traumatize small children (and sensitive adults) for life.”

Metal Talk   Quote: “‘To Shred the Soul‘…has shredding that would make Kerry King [of Slayer] give a nod of respect”.

Inside the Coffin  Quote: “Derek’s vocals also sound a bit different than your standard grunts. It’s probably somewhere between Randy Blythe of  Lamb of God and John Tardy of Obituary“.

The True Bringer of Death Zine  Quote: “80’s  style  death  metal  growls  and  screams  that  are  also  easier  to  understand  a  lot  more  than  the  modern  bands  while  the  solos  really  start  demonstrating  a  great  amount  of  skill  and  talent”

Necromance Digital Magazine   Quote: “Quick and sharp riffs, supported at all times by some solos that might bring to mind the early work of Morbid Angel and some Slayer and a vocal registers that move halfway influenced by singers like Chris Reifert (Autopsy) or Paul Speckmann (Master), with that dark and powerful tone.”  Quote: “Containment Breach in Sector 6 turns out to be a combination of grinding, Slayer-esque beats with death riffing that reminds me a good deal of Master“.

Made In Metal Quote: “the final song, “Disemboweling the Deranged” lead us straight to think [of] bands like Cannibal Corpse and Six Feet Under.”

Lords of Metal  Quote: “Derek clearly knows what he´s doing and keep track so you hear a varied album”.

Hard Rock Info  Quote: “Kansas-based 1-man army who deliver death/thrash bombs straight through your speakers. And he is aiming at you.”

Forever Slain Zine  Quote: “What one should expect on “Harvester of Shadows” is an instrumental intro followed by a barrage of screaming guitar leads (which seem to be very rare these days in death metal), extremely catchy, semi-technical riffing, gruff death/thrash style vocals (reminiscent of Paul Speckmann from classic death/thrash metal act Master), along with a good, tight sound production.”

Metal Observer  Quote: “Great death metal albums can be emotive, punishing, infectious, thought-provoking … but they can very rarely be described as “fun”. It’s just not a word that fits comfortably with the genre, yet Harvester Of Shadows is exactly that; it’s enormous fun to listen to, a real break from the seriousness of the majority of its peers. If you like the idea of Gorguts with an extra helping of chaos, Godless Angel will be just right. A blast.”

Shades of Blog  Quote: “Godless Angel exudes Old School. The riffs simply are, very present and bass solos always well placed. Derek’s voice it is not unlike that of Paul Speckmann of Master and fits perfectly with the music.”



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